Welcome brothers and sisters... to the Temple... of the DISCIPLES OF DOOM !!!
Congratulations you have reached the site of the most original hard rock band from the Pittsburgh area. DISCIPLES OF DOOM will take you back to the early days of metal where power and melody unite. D.O.D. music has lyrics anyone can understand and relate to. Hidden in every song are themes, morals, and stories. Even history, religion and profound ideas can be found. A variety of topics, melodies, riffs, song structures, and techniques make every D.O.D. song unique and interesting. DISCIPLES OF DOOM combine raw power of hard-driving bass rhythms and intricate old school percussion styles with searing, yet melodic leads and tuneful lyrics. Their live performances are energetic, inspiring and also theatrical in nature. All this creates a one-of-a-kind experience. Come explore this site and then experience one of their shows. A good time guaranteed for all.